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“Why’s it called a CharlieTicket?” I asked of the ticket I bought so that the troop could ride the “T” into Boston earlier this week, proving that while I may have grown up in Massachusetts, I am not a Bostonian.

RIT Scheduled To Play AIC After Thanksgiving

I never thought that I’d go home to go to an RIT hockey game, but it looks like I’ll have the chance on November 26. RIT bigins thir first year playing Division I games next season and their schedule has them pitted against American International College in Springfield on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Since I’lls […]

Congrats Pats

This is definitely the year for Boston with back-to-back Super Bowl wins for the Patriots and a much-deserved World Series for the Sox. Even the Celtics are leading their division (and they only have a 50% average—pathetic!), and the Bruins have yet to lose a game (granted, no other NHL team has either). I spent […]

It\’s Not Every Day You Come Across Something From Belchertown

I just went to the opening of Tom Barker’s Earth Images exhibit at our Dyer Arts Center. The exhibit was up yesterday, and though not officially open, I was browsing it with two colleagues. One of them mentioned that it would have been nice if the photographer had put up signs describing the images.

Curse Reversed

OK, this is a little late, but I couldn’t not say something about the Sox. Not only did they achieve their amazing ALCS win, but they swept the World Series 4-0 as well!

Meanwhile, the Pats have only lost one game this season and are tied for first place with Pittsburgh.