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Awesome Android App of the Day: Swype

As a little kid I used to love to finger paint. Finger painting is a great, natural way to express yourself and I loved how the paint felt in my fingers. One of the things that I like about the Android OS is how customizable it is. Even some of the most basic features, like […]

It\’s Not Every Day You Come Across Something From Belchertown

I just went to the opening of Tom Barker’s Earth Images exhibit at our Dyer Arts Center. The exhibit was up yesterday, and though not officially open, I was browsing it with two colleagues. One of them mentioned that it would have been nice if the photographer had put up signs describing the images.

(Re-)Introducing Kodiak\’s Korner

Welcome to Kodiak’s Korner, my little corner of the net. This is my place to share my thoughts and opinions on the world.

Kodiak’s Korner has been around for several years in one form or another. It first got its start back sometime in 1994, when I, as editor-in-chief, started writing a short column for each issue of my high school’s newspaper, The Oriole Gazette.