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Congrats Pats

This is definitely the year for Boston with back-to-back Super Bowl wins for the Patriots and a much-deserved World Series for the Sox. Even the Celtics are leading their division (and they only have a 50% average—pathetic!), and the Bruins have yet to lose a game (granted, no other NHL team has either).

I spent the night at Jerry’s place, eating way too much food—including some great BBQ ribs. Of course, just about every time the Pats scored I was either talking to somebody or not looking at a TV, so I missed most of the action. But I’m still happy about the outcome.

As for the commercials, there were several good ones, which I’ll probably post about later. My vote for worse commercial of the night, however, goes to a local law firm’s Asian village. I’m not Asian, but if I was I’d have been offended and my sentiment was shared by the rest of the party guests in the room. I’ll have to watch the local media to see if the community reacts at all.

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