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Local TV Nightly Sign-Off

It’s hard to believe that, back when I was in high school (though I know that really was a long time ago now), local television stations didn’t broadcast 24-hours a day. Here’s a nightly sign-off clip from WOKR (now 13-WHAM) in Rochester, recorded in 1992, that I stumbled upon on YouTube. The recognizable voice of […]

Wide-Area WiFi Comes to Rochester

Driving through town earlier today I noticed a new box on one of the traffic lights near my house. The box, mounted on above the road, had three antennae coming out of it. As I continued to drive I noticed these boxes on several traffic lights in the city as well as one on a […]

Sorry Skiers

I saw a woolly bear today with very little black on it.  If you believe the lore, well…

Strategic Energy Fund

My all-time favorite senator, Carpetbagger Clinton, is running political ads proposing a “Strategic Energy Fund” where she would take some of the “huge profits” from oil companies and invest the money into research of alernative fuel sources. Now, I’m all for reducing our dependence on oil, but Hillary’s plan has such a HUGE hole in […]

Presentation Proposal Accepted

I learned yesterday taht my proposal for this year’s HighEdWebDev conference was accepted. I’ll be presenting Bringing True Interactivity to Web Applications with XML Requests on Monday, Nvember 6 at 2:45.