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Eye of the Tiger

RIT did a lip dub of Survivor’s classic Eye of the Tiger earlier this year. I knew about it when they did it, but I had never seen the video until I came across an old email today.

ImagineRIT Festival This Saturday

The ImagineRIT Festival is this Saturday, May 2. Come check out all the cool stuff that happens behind the scenes on the RIT campus. Check out this cool promotional video that University Publications created: ImagineRIT Festival official site

Traffic Lights

I drive through 18 sets of traffic lights on my normal route to work. What is the chance of all of them being red? It sometimes happens…

Say Goodnight Gracie

A pretty major event occurred at RIT on Monday, but hardly anyone probably noticed. It wasn’t marked by any sort of fanfare or celebration, just a simple email that popped up on my screen saying “Mike Young has completed a PCR.” And with that the “Grace” web server was retired. Anyone who’s spent any time […]

I’m a Terrible Bloggger

I’m looking at my blog and realizing that I haven’t posted anything since August. I am terrible about this whole blogging thing—every time I get going and I think I’m going to start blogging semi-religiously I stop after one or two posts. A lot has changed since my last post. The most significant thing probably […]