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Go Sox!

The Red Sox are now 2-0 in the World Series against the Cardinals after beating the Yankees in a historic four-win streak after starting the ALCS 0-3! Could this be the year for the Sox?

Meanwhile, the Patriots just earned their 21st consecutive win against the Jet’s. Imagine having two Massachusetts teams as champions in the same year…

Nice Work Red Sox!

They didn’t make it to the World Series, but the Red Sox did a great job holding their own in a seven games against the Yankees in the ALCS. Way to go!

A little girl went to her second grade class one day and the teacher said “I’m a Yankees fan. Who else is a Yankees fan?

(Re-)Introducing Kodiak\’s Korner

Welcome to Kodiak’s Korner, my little corner of the net. This is my place to share my thoughts and opinions on the world.

Kodiak’s Korner has been around for several years in one form or another. It first got its start back sometime in 1994, when I, as editor-in-chief, started writing a short column for each issue of my high school’s newspaper, The Oriole Gazette.