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Awesome Android App of the Day: Swype

As a little kid I used to love to finger paint. Finger painting is a great, natural way to express yourself and I loved how the paint felt in my fingers. One of the things that I like about the Android OS is how customizable it is. Even some of the most basic features, like […]

Awesome Android App of the Day: App 2 SD

Welcome to my new feature, Awesome Android App of the Day, where I will highlight some of the cool, fun, and useful Android apps that I find. Contrary to the name, it will not likely be a daily feature…I’m lucky to write more than one post every three months. Most Android devices have two locations […]

Blogging from my phone

I’m testing out the WordPress app for Android devices, which I just installed on my phone. Maybe this will get me to blog more often…I doubt it…