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Local TV Nightly Sign-Off

It’s hard to believe that, back when I was in high school (though I know that really was a long time ago now), local television stations didn’t broadcast 24-hours a day. Here’s a nightly sign-off clip from WOKR (now 13-WHAM) in Rochester, recorded in 1992, that I stumbled upon on YouTube. The recognizable voice of […]

Why I Shop at Wegmans

In Rochester we basically have two options when it comes to grocery shopping: the Buffalo-based Tops and the locally based, family-owned Wegmans. While Wegmans is a market leader in innovative convenience and prepared food items, for regular grocery items, the stores are pretty much the same. Tops often has some good “stock-up” deals like 10 […]

I’m a Terrible Bloggger

I’m looking at my blog and realizing that I haven’t posted anything since August. I am terrible about this whole blogging thing—every time I get going and I think I’m going to start blogging semi-religiously I stop after one or two posts. A lot has changed since my last post. The most significant thing probably […]

Thank You Dreamweaver, But You Don’t Have to Tell Me

A stupid error message I just experienced in Dreamweaver:

Wide-Area WiFi Comes to Rochester

Driving through town earlier today I noticed a new box on one of the traffic lights near my house. The box, mounted on above the road, had three antennae coming out of it. As I continued to drive I noticed these boxes on several traffic lights in the city as well as one on a […]