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The Samsung Desktop Experience

I stumbled on this Gizmodo article last night and learned something about my phone that I didn’t know. Apparently every Samsung phone (at least in the Galaxy series) since the Galaxy S8 has a feature built into it called DeX, or the Desktop Experience, that allows you to use the device as a desktop by […]


I started using Xmarks to sync my bookmarks between multiple browsers and computers so long ago that it may have still been called Foxmarks when I started using it.  While I had a handful of problems with it from time to time–mainly with syncs failing and leaving my bookmarks corrupted in a given browser–the tool […]

Awesome Android App of the Day: Pixlr-O-Matic

With so many low-cost, high-megapixal digital cameras on the market these days, we’d expect to be seeing lots of high-res, vividly colored pictures everywhere. Despite the technology, however, the current rage is the retro look–with everything from grainy black-and-whites, washed-out colors of the Instamatic era, and pictures that look like they survived a flood being […]

Awesome Android App of the Day: Sound Manager v2

The original Motorola Droid (and possibly other Android devices, though most what I’ve seen has been specific to the Droid) seems to have a bug. For whatever reason, lots of users report that the vibrate on notification feature of their phones stops working for no apparent reason. That means that, when the phone is set […]

Awesome Android App of the Day: Swype

As a little kid I used to love to finger paint. Finger painting is a great, natural way to express yourself and I loved how the paint felt in my fingers. One of the things that I like about the Android OS is how customizable it is. Even some of the most basic features, like […]