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Going Black

Nearly 16 years ago the web went black in protest of the anti-indecency provisions of the Communications Decency Act. Intended to protect minors from indecent material, much like the way existing FCC regulations limited when and to what extent certain topics that were inappropriate to minors could be broadcast over the air, the provisions of […]

YAHOO! User Interface

I generally consider myself a back-end guy, preferring to program in languages like PHP to generate dynamic web pages. The front end and the user experience is still important, but that is the area that I, admittedly, give the least thought. I do make every effort on the server side to ensure usability and accessibility […]

Blogging from Flock

I discovered a cool new browser while browsing through the March issue of Computer Link magazine: Flock. Flock is built on the Firefox core and is designed to allow easy posting to blogs. It isn’t even in beta yet, but I decided to download it to see what its all about. So far, so good. […]

Transition Complete: WordPress is Operational

Well, its is finally done: the transition to WordPress is complete. Getting WordPress installed and running on my test site was a snap, and moving the posts was easy (since I only had about 20 of them to move, I basically just copied from phpMyAdmin and pased into WordPress). The most difficult part by far […]

Moving to WordPress

In an effort to keep my site updated more often, I’m starting to move Kodiak’s Korner posts to WordPress. Up to now I had been using/developing my own weblog software, but my time is so limited (or I’m so lazy, depending on how you wnat to look at it) that I hadn’t been able to build in all of the functionality that I wanted. I’ve heard good things about WordPress and decided that it was time to stop reinventing the wheel.