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I started using Xmarks to sync my bookmarks between multiple browsers and computers so long ago that it may have still been called Foxmarks when I started using it.  While I had a handful of problems with it from time to time–mainly with syncs failing and leaving my bookmarks corrupted in a given browser–the tool […]

Signing and Background Noise

Why is it that, when I run into someone I know who is deaf while I am at the gym or out walking or whatever, I have to stop my iPod to have a conversation, but I work I can be on the phone having a spoken conversation with one person while having a second […]

Golf Ball Determines Election in Monroe County Village

As reported today in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, a golf ball decided the fate of two village board candidates in Honeoye Falls. Both candidates tied for second place in the race for two open seats. Since the village had no law in place for dealing with such an event, state law mandated that the […]

Bowling for Soup

Have you ever loved a song you’ve heard on the radio for no apparent reason? That’s the way I feel right now for Bowling for Soup’s 1985. I have no idea why I like the song so much, other than the fact that it has a good beat and catchy lyrics. I suppose I can […]

Romainian Couple Names Baby Yahoo

A Romanian couple who met on Yahoo and later married just had a baby. So, to honor the Internet service, they named their new son Yahoo.