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Bowling for Soup

Have you ever loved a song you’ve heard on the radio for no apparent reason? That’s the way I feel right now for Bowling for Soup’s 1985. I have no idea why I like the song so much, other than the fact that it has a good beat and catchy lyrics. I suppose I can relate to it to some degree, although I was only eight years old in 1985 and, while I still like listening to some 80’s music now, I don’t think that I’m stuck in the 80’s. I don’t drive a yellow SUV, either (although I do drive a black version of the SUV that got the yellow SUV craze started).

The song has a cool video, too complete with parodies of 80’s icons Robert Palmer, George Michael, and Poison (who were they again?). I can’t figure out why I’m so hooked on this song! I like it so much I even cashed in a Pepsi iTunes credit to get it.

Maybe I should go seek professional help…

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