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CSS Trick for the Nested DIV “Problem”

This is more for me than anything, but I can never remember how to make a parent object expand to contain all of its content objects when all of the contents are floated.  Every time I need to do this I end up googling for the solution, but it often takes a while to find. […]

KO the Morning

This is how I feel most mornings.

Web 2.2 (Nooooo….make it stop!!!)

If you’re like me and hate the whole concept of Web 2.0 then don’t click this link.  You don’t want to hear about Web 2.2. For the record: I have nothing against the technologies that are wrapped under the name “Web 2.0,” nor do I dislike the “community orienteation” concept that it embodies, either.  I […]

Performacing Blog Editor for Firefox

I’ve just installed an extension to Firefox that I’ve wanted for a log time: the Performancing Blog Editor.  Now, there have been several blog editor extension published for Firefox already, but most of them have been developed for specific blogging platforms, and until now I haven’t found one that works with my WordPress blogs.  A […]

HighEdWebDev 2006: Introduction to PEAR

I am happy to announce that my workshop proposal for this year’s HighEdWebDev conference has been accepted. This year I will be presenting on PEAR, the PHP Extension and Application Repository. PEAR is a collection of PHP classes that form a framework to help developers create applications more efficiently. I’ve been using PEAR for a […]