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Facebook is Becoming MySpace

I got frustrated last night when part of a project I was building failed to work as I had expected.  Lacking the motivation to find a solution I began surfing around on Facebook. I’ve always liked Facebook because of its clean, clear interface.  It is easy to figure out, easy to navigate, and not overly […]

A Windows Safari

Several years ago, when Apple first released OS X and with it the Safari browser, I was rather excited. The browser was fast and standards compliant. It worked great, had a nice clean UI, and didn’t come with a lot of bloat. There was just one little thing that prevented me from adopting it: I’m […]

I’m Addicted to IconBuffet

OK, its official, I’m addicted to IconBuffet. IconBuffet, if you aren’t aware, is a icon site. It is a commercial site that sells icon sets to software and web developers. That, in itself, isn’t all that exciting, even though their icons are very nice looking and relatively inexpensive. What’s cool about the site is the […]

YAHOO! User Interface

I generally consider myself a back-end guy, preferring to program in languages like PHP to generate dynamic web pages. The front end and the user experience is still important, but that is the area that I, admittedly, give the least thought. I do make every effort on the server side to ensure usability and accessibility […]

The Super Bowl and

I watched the Super Bowl this year.  But I didn’t really care who won, in fact I’m not much of a fan of either team.  This year I watched for the commercials. Now unlike every other blogger that watched for the commercials, I am not going to start discussing what I thought of the commercials […]