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I’m Addicted to IconBuffet

OK, its official, I’m addicted to IconBuffet. IconBuffet, if you aren’t aware, is a icon site. It is a commercial site that sells icon sets to software and web developers. That, in itself, isn’t all that exciting, even though their icons are very nice looking and relatively inexpensive. What’s cool about the site is the Free Deliveries and the community behind them.

In a nutshell, Free Deliveries are small sets of themed icons. The developers occasionally send members a random set and the recipients are free to do as their please once they get it. The free icons can be used for personal or commercial projects, modified, whatever. About the only thing you can’t do with them is sell them to others. One thing that members can do however is share their deliveries with other members. Each month every member gets a set of tokens that can be exchanged for icon deliveries from other members. Icon sets are marked as either bronze, silver, gold, or diamond and each level costs a different number of tokens. To send icons you need stamps—sending an icon set costs you one stamp, and for every set you receive you also receive five stamps so that you can share it. The community is very friendly and someone is always willing to fill a request if you ask.

Sound cool? Sign up using this link and I’ll send you whatever sets you’d like (provided I still have the stamps available). Just whisper your requests to me (via “The Box” on my profile page) after you sign up. In case you’re confused, my username on the site is “kodiak.”

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