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Signing and Background Noise

Why is it that, when I run into someone I know who is deaf while I am at the gym or out walking or whatever, I have to stop my iPod to have a conversation, but I work I can be on the phone having a spoken conversation with one person while having a second […]

Sorry Skiers

I saw a woolly bear today with very little black on it.  If you believe the lore, well…

Worth A Mention: Klee’s Car Wash

Nothing beats washing a car by hand, but that takes time I don’t have and, especially when my car is particularly dirty, a quick run through an automatic car wash is the next best thing. That was the case today. After a trip to Massachusetts last weekend my car was completely covered by bug guts […]

Presentation Proposal Accepted

I learned yesterday taht my proposal for this year’s HighEdWebDev conference was accepted. I’ll be presenting Bringing True Interactivity to Web Applications with XML Requests on Monday, Nvember 6 at 2:45.

Camille\’s Sidewalk Cafe

When the owners of Park Place Deli decided to retire last fall, they assured their loyal customers that they had hand picked a new owner for the facility that would bring something different, but similar to the neighborhood. For several months we watched as the storefront was transformed into Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe, a transformation that […]