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Local TV Nightly Sign-Off

It’s hard to believe that, back when I was in high school (though I know that really was a long time ago now), local television stations didn’t broadcast 24-hours a day. Here’s a nightly sign-off clip from WOKR (now 13-WHAM) in Rochester, recorded in 1992, that I stumbled upon on YouTube. The recognizable voice of […]

Why I Shop at Wegmans

In Rochester we basically have two options when it comes to grocery shopping: the Buffalo-based Tops and the locally based, family-owned Wegmans. While Wegmans is a market leader in innovative convenience and prepared food items, for regular grocery items, the stores are pretty much the same. Tops often has some good “stock-up” deals like 10 […]

Mac OS X: Automating Tasks on Sleep

I’ve been playing a lot lately with AppleScript and the Mac Automater app, both of which can do some pretty cool stuff. This gave me an idea: wouldn’t it be great if I could close certain applications when my commuters go to sleep? I have a handful of programs that I run on both my […]

Hi, I’m a Mac! (or It’s a Unix System! I know this!)

I finally gave in and bought myself a Mac.  My five-year-old Toshiba laptop served me well, but with several pieces of the plastic case broken off and what appear to be memory issues slowing things down, I decided it was time for an upgrade.  At more than three times the price of a similarly specced Windows-based machine, getting […]

Integrating Google Reader with Outlook

I hate to admit it, but I’m pretty much connected at the hip with Microsoft Outllook.  90% of the work that I do is driven by email, and Outlook makes it fairly easy for me to manage those messages, track the work I’m doing with tasks, and keep up on my appointments, all in one […]