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Signing and Background Noise

Why is it that, when I run into someone I know who is deaf while I am at the gym or out walking or whatever, I have to stop my iPod to have a conversation, but I work I can be on the phone having a spoken conversation with one person while having a second […]

Worth A Mention: Klee’s Car Wash

Nothing beats washing a car by hand, but that takes time I don’t have and, especially when my car is particularly dirty, a quick run through an automatic car wash is the next best thing. That was the case today. After a trip to Massachusetts last weekend my car was completely covered by bug guts […]

Will You Vote?

We live in a great country, one where we to choose those we want to lead us. Next Tuesday we have our annual elections where we, the people, get to decide on our new senators, members of Congress, and govenors. Every day RIT posts a poll on their portal site. Yesterday’s poll asked “do you […]

I’m the Master of PHP

Last week I noticed that RIT’s E-Learning Zone offered a Brainbench certification exam for PHP 4. I had a little time to look at it today, so I started the test not knowing what to expect. As it turns out, I know PHP pretty well—I scored 4.40/5 and became a Brainbench-certified Master of PHP 4.

I Have No Friends

So I signed up for Facebook the other day. I haven’t done much with it beyond search for a few people, so I can’t really comment on it yet. So far it looks pretty cool, though. I noticed, on my profile screen after signing in for the first time, that Facebook declares I have no […]