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I discovered a cool new browser while browsing through the March issue of Computer Link magazine: Flock. Flock is built on the Firefox core and is designed to allow easy posting to blogs. It isn’t even in beta yet, but I decided to download it to see what its all about.

So far, so good. All I had to do was run Flock then choose “My Blogs” from a menu. Then I entered the URL to my site and clicked a button. The browser did some thinking and then prompted me for a login. Next I was looking at a list of all of my articles and a big fat “+” button that I clicked to start writing this post.

Flock has a clean interface with a WYSIWYG interface (apparently powered by TinyMCE), the option to edit raw HTML, the ability to add my post to categories or tag it on Technorati, and the ability to save a draft or post outright. Perhaps the nicest feature for me is the spell check, since I am notorious for hitting “Post” and then finding my mistakes.

Flock is NOT stable yet. It isn’t even in beta yet. There will be bugs. Nonetheless, it looked cool, so I downloaded it. Personally, I like being on the cutting edge and I’m not so serious a blogger that I can’t live with a lost post now and then. But if you aren’t like me, you’ve been warned.

Edit (04/13/2006): My first impression of Flock was that it didn’t work–my message never showed up on the blog. I finally noticed, however, that it’s been here all the time. It just had a post date of December 31, 1969. Wow, I’ve been blogging since before I was born! (The current April 1 time stamp is an estimate–I don’t recall exactly when I posted this, but that has to be close.)

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