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Web 2.2 (Nooooo….make it stop!!!)

If you’re like me and hate the whole concept of Web 2.0 then don’t click this link.  You don’t want to hear about Web 2.2.

For the record: I have nothing against the technologies that are wrapped under the name “Web 2.0,” nor do I dislike the “community orienteation” concept that it embodies, either.  I just dislike the name.  Its not like the “web” protocol changed (if there was such a thing) or the “web” standard was revised (again, there’s no such thing).  Its just a new idea, a new approach to providing web content to users.  When flourescent light bulbs came on the market, we didn’t callit “lighing 2.0,” so why do we have to connect such a name to the web concept?

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