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I’m an Apple Owner

Apple iPod 20Gb Photo I know this may surprise a lot of people, but I’m now an Apple owner. (Contrary to popular belief, I’ve never had anything against Apple/Mac, I just prefer the PC/Windows environment.) I got a very cool 20Gb Photo iPod for Christmas. (Thanks, Mom!)

How much music can I fit on a 20Gb iPod? Well, the box says up to 5,000 songs (based on an average of 4 minutes per song). So far I have put about a dozen of my CD’s on it, plus a bunch of MP3’s and iTunes downloads (that I got free from Pepsi last year), and I’ve used just over a gig. I figure I’ll probably be able to get my entire CD collection on there, or close to it.

Now I can go hang out in the Apple Store at Eastview Mall and not feel like an outsider. 🙂

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