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And The Light Bulb Goes On: Pepsi Cola

A jingle that my grandfather used to always sing popped into my head the other day:

Pepsi-Cola hits the spot.
Twelve full ounces, that’s a lot.
Twice as much for a nickle, too.
Pepsi-Cola is the drink for you.

I recently heard a story—I think it was during some show I was watching on the History channel—about how Pepsi started marking 12oz bottles during the Great Depression. The 12oz size was originally sold for ten cents, twice the price of both the former six ounce size and the competing Coca-Cola product available at the time, also at six ounces. Initial sales were slow, prompting Pepsi to drop the 12oz price to a nickel. Cash-conscious consumers got twice the product for the same price as a 6oz Coke, which turned in to a gold mine for Pepsi. And who said the 80’s were the era of the cola wars?

I never really thought too much about the song before, but learning that little tidbit, it now makes perfect sense. And it makes me thirsty. Dr. Pepper anyone?

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